First blog post

Greetings to my Blog.  I will be describing my hiking and backpacking adventures from a number of years ago up until the present.  All of my hiking and backpacking adventures began when I  was 60 years ago, and continue now that I am seventy seven.

When I retired from the Army, I returned to New Hampshire having been absent for 23 years.  Once home I began teaching Middle School until I retired again in  2011.  Living in New Hampshire I naturally was drawn back into hiking and spent a lot of time in the woods and mountains of my home state.

I was lucky enough to marry a beautiful and talented college professor who joined me n many outdoor adventures.  Sadly she passed away in 2008.  Two years after her death I sold my mountain home in New Hampshire and moved to Maine to another mountain home on 25 acres, located in a large unspoiled woodland of mountains and streams totaling around 3000 acres.